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    Melahirkan Generasi Al-Quran

    Nurturing Quranic A Generation

Since 1901, we have been serving the Ummah and building a legacy for this Generation.
Build a LEGACY for yourself and our next generation starting this 1438H.
Together, let’s nurture the Quranic Generation.


Please support the following projects from MKS Darul Quran Singapura
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Infaq Ilmu

Supports the life long learning of students in areas of Quranic proficiency, skills and values essential to their daily lives thru tarbiyah programmes and certification. Every contribution will assist DQSMKS to organize a concerted effort in realizing Jeelun Quraniy for the Muslim Community in Singapore. Your generosity will assist us in our mission in continuing to be an authority in Quranic studies, ensuring our teaching resources are sufficiently trained and our programmes remain relevant

Sponsor Islamic Learner

Its an initiative to support and motivate students that are facing difficulty in paying for their Islamic education provided by Darul Quran Masjid Kampung Siglap. Every dollar will go to ensuring that every year, all 2000++ students of DQSMKS receives a quality Islamic Education that will be beneficial for their lives now and in the hereafter.

Infaq Tahfiz

Untuk keperluan & program-program Tahfiz Al-Quran, Darul Quran Singapura. For needs & Tahfiz Al-Quran programmes, Darul Quran Singapura.

Waqaf Penambahan Ruang Darul Quran Singapura

Dana akan digunakan bagi menambah ruang pejabat, bilik darjah, dan ruang umum bagi para asatizah madrasah.


Funeral Management Workshop

The Funeral Management Workshop discusses subjects related to death and what constitutes a Muslim funeral. In this course, participants will learn the theory as well as the practical aspect of managin...

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